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Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an evaluation of extent of physical disability and residual physical capacities to facilitate job search or claims settlement for workers with limiting health conditions. Issues that may prompt referral for this service include:

  • Determine general physical capabilities for job search
  • Assess whether an worker is likely to benefit from further rehab services
  • Evaluate eligibility for temporary or permanent disability benefits
  • Determine suitability for impact on activities of daily living and other leisure activities
  • Identify inappropriate illness behaviors and consistency of performance

Standard components of a Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation include:

  • Screen for underlying psychological or cognitive problems
  • Medical history and file review
  • Neuromusculoskeletal exam for underlying physical impairments that limit function.
  • Physical capacity tests (vision, strength, agility, finger dexterity, motor coordination, manual dexterity, aerobic capacity, postural tolerances and materials handling)
  • Measurabilities Summary with clarification of limiting health conditions, suitability for any specific occupational goals, and exercise/accommodation options

Functional Capacity Evaluation with Vocational Implications: The scope of a Comprehensive FCE may be expanded to include vocational screening components to address employment barriers, accommodation needs, suitable occupations/training options, and review of cognitive/psychological follow-up evaluations. Supplemental components may include:

  • Review of work history to identify transferable skills
  • Identification of career interests and temperaments
  • Testing of vocational aptitudes and academic achievement (reading, math, spelling)
  • Opinion about vocational implications – including suitable job options, training needs, accommodations and follow-up recommendations

NOTE: The scope of any Functional Capacity Evaluation may include a feedback session between the consumer, rehab counselor and FCE evaluator to determine realistic job development priorities.

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