Moen SecureMount Difference



The Moen “SecureMount” Difference

  • According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Remodelers, the most frequent aging-in-place modification to the home is adding grab bars (78 percent). Moen leads the way with SecureMount™ Grab Bars and Anchors.
  • The Moen SecureMount wall anchor requires no studs or wood backing and can hold up to 1,500 pounds. The most secure anchor mount in the market.
  • Grab bars installed with molly’s or wing nuts can be unsafe and loosen.
  • The SecureMount anchor’s unique design allows for secure, flexible grab bar installation anywhere on the wall.
  • Grab bar height, length and non-obstruction placement is crucial in meeting the International Code safety standard for grab bar installation.
  • SecureMount grab bars have a 500 lb weight-pull capacity that exceeds ADA requirements of 250 lbs.Engineered for optimal bracing behind the wall, SecureMount Anchors allow for easy grab bar installation – with no studs required – anywhere on the wall. SecureMount installs anywhere on the wall and can be used with all Moen, Moen Home Care grab bars. Mounts securely to a variety of substrates
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