Transitional Work Program Development

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Transitional Work Program Development

What is a Transitional Work Program?

MEASURAbilities, LLC (formerly Sandy Goldstein & Associates) transitional work programs help employers offer meaningful, productive work to their workers with restrictions by helping them remain or return to work sooner. It’s a program the employer sets up so injured employees can return to work more quickly and safely – either in their original job or a temporary work assignment until they’re ready to resume their original job.

A transitional work program includes employee and/or union support, policies and procedures, management, supervisor and staff training, preferred community health-care providers and program improvement. The program may involve strategies, such as purchasing tools and equipment, modifying the work area, adjusting job tasks or allowing employees to work part time. Employers can help by opening the channels of communication among the employee, the doctor, the employee’s immediate supervisor, and the insurer and the third party administrator. This increases the odds the worker will stay connected to the job and recover more quickly.

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